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The Center of Endosurgery and Lithotripsy (CELT) was founded as the first private medical clinic in former Soviet Union. Launched with 1 lithotripter and 1 laparoscopic unit in 1989 nowadays CELT is one of the best equipped clinics in Russia.

The Center is headed by the active member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor, Merited Doctor of Russian Federation Alexander Bronshtein.

The CELT is a world-class clinic offering an up-to-date medical service. Doctors from the Center get trained in Western Europe, USA and Israel and licensed to use the most sophisticated medical equipment produced by modern industrial leaders.

The operations are performed with minimum tissue damage through micropunctures (instead of common cuts) with the help of probes and manipulators monitored by mini TV-cameras. During a 1 to 3 day-stay in the hospital patients get rid of stones of the kidneys or gall bladders or have their inflamed appendixes or cysts extracted. Our interventional cardiologists and angiologists are performing percutaneous procedures in patients with coronary, peripheral and cerebral atherosclerosis, aortic aneurysms.

About three thousand patients receive medical treatment in the Center annually. Among them, there are patients with cardiovascular, digestive, urogenital and other problems which sometimes require surgical treatment. In the children's department, a program for correction of the congenital and acquired defects is provided.

The CELT consists of the multi-field outpatient department and the wards for in-patients. The medical service is provided for payment.

The out-patient department is staffed with doctors of 40 specialties.

Laboratories, consulting rooms and surgeries are well equipped for up-to-date diagnosis and treatment. The hospital consists of several specialized department. Hospital stay is 1 to 7 days. When children are hospitalized, their parents may also stay. There are wards for one or two patients and first-class (double-room) wards.

You are cared for by doctors of over thirty specialties. Functional diagnosis of the cardio-vascular and nervous systems. Any kinds of the ultrasound investigation. Endoscopic studies. Surgical operations in out-patients.

All kinds of X-Ray investigations. 64 - slice computer tomography. Mammography.

Any kinds of laboratory investigations.

The most advanced materials and methods for children and adults. The most complicated treatment and removal. Making of dentures and orthodontic treatment. Management of parodontosis. Treatment may be carried out under general anesthesia.

To control pain of various origin, radiologists, neurosurgeons, ortopedic surgeons, neurologists, manual therapists, kinesitherapists and specialists in acupuncture unite their efforts at this special department.

Cerebral atherosclerosis and brain insult is leading cause of death and disability in this country. Prophylaxis of atherosclerosis is easier and more effective than treatment of it’s catastrophic consequences. The core of STOP INSULT project is multidisciplinary approach to the patient. Physicians of various specialties are treating patient starting with diet and life-stile modification and finishing, when needed, interventions and reconstructive operations on aorta and cerebral arteries.

A leader in the field of minimally invasive surgery (operations without incisions). The pledge of success is provided by enormous experiences of the doctors (over 7,000 operations) and up-to-date equipment. Many kinds of operations are unique. An endocrinologist, a proctologist, a casualty surgeon (arthroscopy), a neurosurgeon (operations through 1 to 2 cm incisions), an ENT surgeon work at the department.

More than 1 billion people are over weighted in the world and 300 millions need treatments. Diet and caloric intake restriction have moderate effect in the minority of those patients. Bariatric medicine allows to reduce (and normalize) weight when other measures for weight loss are ineffective. Team of our surgeons uses all the available methods to gain this goal - from implantable intragastric balloons to the most complex surgical bilio-pancreatic diversion.

Vini, vidi, vici – is the slogan of our ophthalmologists. Patients with retinal detachment, glaucoma, cataracta and diabetic retinopathy are treated effectively and quickly using contemporary armamentarium. Patients with diabetes, atherosclerosis and othe severe co-morbidities are treated in close cooperation with other medical specialists.

The whole scope of operative interventions in the heart and the vessels, from the minimally invasive (with the use of special methods, without incisions and narcosis) to reconstructive operations of aorta, the peripheral arteries, the vessels of the heart and the brain. The specialists endovascular have developed their own methods of minimally invasive surgery for making endoscopic prosthesis for repair abdominal thoracic aortic aneurysm. Treatment of diseases of the superficial and deep veins.

Best specialists solve all gynecologic problems: uterine tumors, ovarian cysts, sterility, extrauterine pregnancy. Minimally invasive surgery is applied (operations without incisions). Removal of myomatous nodes from the uterine cavity with the organ preservation (resectoscopy). Removal of polyps. Treatment for erosion and the cervical and uterine prolapse. Correction of endocrine impairments in the teenagers, adults and persons in the climacteric period. In cooperation with the department of cardiovascular surgery uterine artery embolization is practiced in patients with uterine fibromiomas.

Urologists of high qualification with on-the-job experience at hospitals in many countries of the world carry out the following operations: lithotripsy of the stones in the kidneys (including the coral ones) and in the urethras; endosurgical removal of the kidneys, renal cysts. Varicocele (varicose dilatation of the veins of the spermatic cord), prostate adenoma, All kinds of urologic operations with the use of the up-to-date methods. Besides, they treat prostatitis and urogenital infections.

A complete work-up and planning of basic schemes of treatment for chronic heart diseases, hypertension, pulmonary, hepatic, renal, gastrointestinal conditions.
Comfortable wards, special dietary therapy, laser-magnetic, manual therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage, therapeutic exercises.

It takes only a day for the experienced pediatricians and surgeons to give qualified aid to a child and to carry out any surgery under a specially designed kind of anesthesia (removal of the hernias, plastic operations, surgery for the diseases of the ear, nose and throat, etc). Parents may stay with their children before and after surgery. The child is discharged the same day.

Blood and it’s components transfusion, ultrafiltration, plasmapheresis with a long-term effect is provided for patients with diabetes mellitus, neurodermitis, trophic ulcers and chronic cutaneous inflammations, allergy and asthma. Treatment of toxicosis in the pregnant women.

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